The Right Reasons, Meet Akoul

3 min readJul 1, 2021


a passionate, young, dedicated rapper with a story to tell.

Rising Gatineau Rapper,

Akoul, at only 18 Years old, has clear untapped & underrated potential , ‘A Young Boss’ in his own right, patiently grinding for his come up, understanding the meaning of trust , loyalty and respect! Giving his all into his release entitled ‘Reasons’ featuring TJ, Akoul’s mindset was different than usual, being in a different city when he wrote it (Montreal, Quebec), he tells us ‘’everything was coming to me like a lightbulb flashing on top of your head, like when you get amazing ideas’’ in term, a natural creation process with one of his standout lines being “I’m stuck to the cold, Hot in the summer , But I’m Icy Like the chain on my Sweater”.

Let’s Talk ‘Reasons’

Akoul explains that ‘Reasons’ doesn’t specifically have anything different than other artists, but the lyrics and emotions you feel are real and authentic to himself, as we highly appreciate that in these days of hiphop! 6 months after first discovering Reasons, we at Capital Heat still value the message of the song, the lyrics Akoul chose to use, the industry quality delivery & sound. Reasons marks just one of Akoul’s many upcoming releases as he tells us ‘’this is only the beginning’’.

We decided to get in contact with Akoul to as a few questions.

1. Can u describe reasons in your own words.

First I wanna say Thank You To Jay For Allowing This Story Out ! Reasons, is a mix of how I felt how I wanna be and how my world is gonna be.

2. Why did you make the song?

When I first heard the beat, It’s hard to explain just how quickly everything came together, the lyrics came from the heart and were delivered on paper within minutes. Its one of those songs that you probably couldn't have made without the beat….More To Come!

3. What were you thinking when you made it?

I wasn’t thinking! I was putting everything I felt right into a song !

4. What’s your goal for the song?

My goal is to let people hear the real me & and not look at me and decide who I am at first glance … I want everyone hearing me and not looking at me for who I am!

5. And what’s the next upcoming project you’d like to announce

“WELCOME TO THE OTHER SIDE” that’s all I’m saying! *Smile on my face*

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