Entrepreneur Nick Laureano Steps Closer To Success

Motivating Us Day By Day With His Brand Only The Motivated

Influencer, Entrepreneur & Aspiring Actor Nick Laureano, Age 26, from Brockton, MA, was first put on our radar with his videos on Instagram. Giving us and his viewers high doses of positive energy and motivation everyday!

For many of us, our daily lives have been impacted in ways we could not expect, making motivation harder and harder to keep. When we think of places within social media than we can turn to, and be sure to receive amazing advise, positivity and a source of motivation, their aren't many to think of, that is what seperates Nick from the rest. Waking up early, staying on a regimen that keeps his mind and body in check, and feeding us video after video on Instagram @OTMnick Facebook & even TikTok, his goal is to show us that no matter what life throws at you, being dedicated in everything you do will always lead to something great.

Over the last few months, we’ve kept up with Nick on instagram, having interviewed him recently on our Vocal Creators page, and see nothing but growth! Nick Laureano has caught the attention of a wide variety of notable people in the industry as well as some companies and indie artists on the rise, naturally gaining their support along the way, Nick now plans on lending his motivational influence to a few artists and bringing his energy to Spotify and all leading music platforms.

Aspiring to motivate, Nick also desires to jump into the world of acting, being an entrepreneur with many talents, we can only expect great things from this point out.

Be sure to catch Nick Laureano on his official instagram @OTMnick https://instagram.com/otmnick to keep your mind healthy and motivated for tomorrow.




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🎶 Promoting Rising Indie Artists Globally 🌍 👇 Listen Now On Spotify, Apple Music & Tidal @ Capital Heat 🔥 & Follow On Google & Instagram @HONESTGANG

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